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BORO MAKINE METAL SAN TIC. LTD STI is one of the leading companies in the sector which produces traction machines for lifts and elevators under the brand of CLINDAS CELIK. Since its foundation it has taken its place as a firm that constantly improves service and quality standards and adds new ones every day to its manufacture Clindas Celik gives particular importance for customer satisfaction with his knowledge and experience without losings the first desire and enthusiasm. Clindas Celik continues its production activities in the KOS region with its infrastructure, technology, foundry and all kinds of equipments. Our products have the necessary silence in accordance with the noise level regulation. Our productions are processed with high precision and with precise measurements at every step. Double acting electromagnetic brake and our motor winding that is designed and produced by Clindas Celik are the leader in the sector. Clindas Celik produces traction machines at various speeds and motors. Thanks to its infrastructure and equipment, Clindas Celik can manufacture different product alternatives for special requirements In order to meet the satisfaction and needs of its customers. From the day of the activity Clindas Celik products are registered with Quality Management Documents in accordance with international standards. It also contributes to the country's economy by exporting to many countries.



“Büyük Kayacık Mah. Yaylacık Cd. No.17 Selçuklu / Konya / TURKEY ”

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